Sweet Horse Ranch


I would like to introduce Alycia Nunn!

Alycia has been studying Horsemanship for the past 9+ years, under my tutelage. She participated in Downunder Horsemanship clinics and most closely follows Clinton Anderson's methods of training. Her experiences are varied and many from foaling to elder care and everything in between. She enjoys halter training with weanlings, problem solving of barn/buddy sour horses, fixing trailer loading issues, teaching a horse to stand for the farrier, medical care for injuries, desensitizing, first rides, ground manners, and so much more. Once in the saddle she rides with a new rider to help them gain confidence, teaching them to be the leader in a calm, firm way. Working through obstacles, getting past a "scary object", and enjoy the ride! 


"My greatest accomplishment is turning around my Mustang. I started my journey with her 9 years ago, she was an aggressive, untouchable, wild mustang. We were her last chance, she was heading to slaughter due to her behavior. She was scared and un-trusting of everyone. With the help, support, and knowledge of Dave Bricknell - she is now the kindest, sweetest, willing, trusting, partner anyone could ask for. She has been in parades, clinics, gone out on solo rides, gets along with any pasture mate, catches easily, stands tied calmly, trailers with ease, etc. I have worked with several Mustangs along the way and absolutely love the challenge they present! I have also had the pleasure of working with Mini's, Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Ponies, and Frisians. If you or your horse are having issues, I'd be happy to help. Please contact me to discuss training options. I have many references available upon request."